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April 2008
Issue 36


What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:  I'd love to hear from you.   This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


From Resolution to Revolution.

Eight glasses of water a day - and other myths

Great news - popcorn is a whole grain

How did you do on your stress test?  

1:  Turn your dead New Year's resolution into your alive New Year's revolution.  

Time once again to take responsibility for the direction of your life.   Maybe you made promises to yourself around January 1.   Maybe not.   If you did, you're more likely than not to have broken those promises.   Here's a simple question:  when you make a promise to a friend or family member, what are the odds of following through on your word?  I'll bet that it's pretty close to 100%!   But what about the promises that you make to yourself?   I strongly suspect that the percentage is a lot less!   In keeping promises to oneself "things" tend to get in the way!   Big things, little things, "anythings"!  

There's no magic in January 1 resolutions.  Right now is just as good a time to stop and listen to yourself about how you want your life to evolve.   You can revolutionize your path if you give it the thought that you deserve and allow yourself some time to take stock, dream and follow through.   The initial step of actually acknowledging how you want to change is fabulous.   But present determination is often not enough.   Here are some basic strategies to insure that it will happen.

  • Write down your intentions and intended outcomes.   Put your written word in places you cannot avoid....  in your underwear drawer, on your mirror, on your fridge door, in your car, etc.
  • Verbalize your intentions to a trusted friend or relative.   Ask them to check in on you every so often.   It's amazing how effective this can be!
  • If you have doubts that you can make it happen, call me.   I'll happily give you 30 complimentary minutes to help clarify your intentions and your methodology for getting there.

    Ready for action?   You can start your life revolution now!

    2:  Eight glasses of water a day - and other myths  

    This title was the headline for an article in Toronto's Globe and Mail newspaper on Dec.  21, 2007.   The article selected 7 tidbits that medical experts traditionally advise, which might need to be questioned.   So, do we really need 8 glasses of water each day?

    First - the benefits of water for your body:
  • aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • flushes out impurities (toxins and other waste) and helps in blood circulation
  • regulates body temperature
  • helps you feel full and not eat as much (might be another myth!)
  • makes skin look younger
  • helps muscles work more effectively and makes your workout more efficient:  by improving muscle tone
  • helps liver, kidney and bladder function by flushing them out, promoting faster healing
  • cushions joints
  • protects tissue in organs and the spinal column
  • prevents severe dehydration that interferes with brain function, causing confusion, headaches and memory loss
  • and so on.....

So...there's virtually no doubt that we do need water.
Now let's think logically:  how could a 250 lb.  man require as much water as a 110 lb.  woman?   That's where the "myth" status appears.   The exact amount of water that your body requires is still somewhat of a mystery.   Actually, there are lots of people who do need more water:   the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, athletes and people who work in extreme conditions, to name a few.  I've heard it said that thirst should be the guide as to how much water you should drink... but I know people who are seldom thirsty.   For now, let the 8 glasses each day be a rough guide - a bit more if you're bigger than average, a bit less if you're smaller than average.
Can you drink too much water?   How will that affect you?   Bottled or tap?   Tune in next month......

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3:  Great news - popcorn is a whole grain

Who likes popcorn?   I do.   I do.
3 cups of popcorn (less than 100 calories, naked) ranks high in healthy whole grains, up there with 1/2 c.  oatmeal, a slice of whole wheat bread, Ĺ c.  brown rice, a 6 inch whole wheat flour tortilla or 1/2 of a whole wheat English muffin.

A healthy diet includes 6 daily servings of grains, 3 or more (all if possible) whole grains.  
How do whole grains contribute to general health?

  • They are rich in fibre:  they help to steady blood sugar, make you feel full longer, build bone and muscle tissue and aid in digestion.
  • They contain lots of minerals - iron, phosphorous and some calcium, Thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) and niacin.
  • Studies have shown that whole grains may help reduce the risk of developing many major diseases including heart disease (whole grains can lower cholesterol), diabetes, obesity and certain cancers.  
  • Popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain (almost 3 grams/3c.  serving).

Sorry - I must caution you to beware of the butter and the butter wannabes!   Movies and popcorn make a perfect couple.  Alas, the popcorn one buys in the movie theatre bears little resemblance to the healthy treat described above.   I'd suggest a rental and popcorn created in your home air popper or microwave (the fat free popcorn of course!).   Right now - I'll bet you're calling me a killjoy - or maybe a control freak!   I can take it!  

4:  How did you do on your stress test?  

Congratulations to all of you who rose to last month's challenge!   Recall the invitation to take on a tactic to reduce stress.
Some of you focused on more sleep or more exercise - among other strategies and really noticed a difference.   Just one of my readers applauded the more sex, less stress strategy.

My choice was to return to journaling.   My experience sounds more like a confession than a simple reporting back.   Yes, I did some journaling and noticed the comfort of spilling out my inner-most thoughts on a page.   I enjoyed and benefited from the experience.   But it only happened every two or three days.   I didn't quite walk my talk but there's a lesson there for me and perhaps for you as well.   I'm working on what it might take to make this more of a daily ritual.   Between getting into bed and falling asleep (light on, sitting up!) I get about 10 minutes.   So I'd get into bed and choose between the journal and a yummy book I'm reading.   Obviously, if it's important enough to me, that is if I really want to take journaling seriously, Iíll look for another time of day.

I think I've got it!   The weather has turned and it's time to return to my swing regularly.   The swing and the journal - a marriage made in heaven!

Wishing you what you wish for yourself.

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