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April '11
Issue 71

What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you currently live your life versus how you want to live your life.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me;  I'd love to hear from you.  This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


1.  PERSONAL LIFE COACHING:   Who would have thunk???

Eggs - Yay or Nay?  One could go crazy!

3.  THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING:   My challenge - preschool variety meditation

1:  Who would have thunk???  

Suppose you think you're doing everything possible to lead a long and healthy life:
Get enough sleep
Monitor your heart rate
Take an aspirin a day
Lose the weight
Lower your Cholesterol
Watch blood pressure
Stop smoking
Eat more fish
Hold the salt
Control Diabetes
Commit to a healthy lifestyle
Reduce stress
Hidden within the last one (reduce stress) is the shocking result from a study in Sweden.  
Idiots in your work place are just as hazardous to your health as ignoring any of the points above.   "Working with stupid people on a daily basis is one of the deadliest forms of stress" according to Dr.  Dagmar Andersson at the Lindbergh University Medical Centre.   She, along with other researchers, studied 500 heart attack patients and found that 62% had relatively few of the risk factors.   One woman had a heart attack after her assistant shredded, instead of photo copied, important tax documents.   A man collapsed right at his desk when the woman at the next cubicle kept asking for correction fluid for her computer monitor.   Really!

People generally have poor coping skills when repeatedly faced with stupidity.   What to do???   One poor woman spent a week rebuilding client records because a clerk put them into the recycling bin of her computer and emptied it.   She thought it meant that the files could be recycled and used again.  

Who would have thunk?

Next month........sounds like "reducing stress" might be a good idea!

What are you coping with, barely, that's elevating your stress level?

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2:  Eggs - Yay or Nay?  One could go crazy!

Everyone knows that breakfast is vital!   You've likely heard that having eggs for breakfast can sustain you until lunch like no other breakfast and has been known to reduce your appetite for up to 36 hours after.   Thus eggs are a fabulous weight-control food.

But, for decades we've heard that eggs increase cholesterol; high cholesterol clogs veins and arteries and clogged veins and arteries lead to an elevated chance of heart attack.  
Recently, Dr.  Emmet Oz spoke up and said that two eggs /day for breakfast is a perfect weight control tool and does not affect your risk for heart disease.
Are you totally confused yet?

Here's an explanation as of now.   But, please bear in mind that all this could change in an instant!   There are 2 types of cholesterol, dietary and blood.   They are both necessary for body function, i.e., to maintain cell walls and insulate nerve fibres.   Dietary cholesterol levels depend on food intake.   Blood cholesterol, a.k.a.  serum cholesterol, is produced in the liver.   The 2 types of blood cholesterol are HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) and LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) - and the latter is the culprit you need to keep under control.   LDL can block arteries and lead to heart disease.   It used to be thought that consuming high levels of LDL-rich foods affected blood cholesterol but now, most (not all - that would be too easy) health scientists believe that this is NOT the case.   A 25-year study by Wanda Howell at the University of Arizona showed that eating 2 eggs each day, while restricting other foods to consume a low-fat diet, did NOT affect blood cholesterol.

The egg itself offers exceptional protein in the white part.   One large egg white contains over 6 grams of protein!   Egg whites are the gold standard for protein, exceeding beef, fish and other meats and protein sources, ounce per ounce.   The yolk is largely fat - but that fat is polyunsaturated, the good fat, and does not raise blood cholesterol.......so the theory goes.   So, if you replace the saturated fat (e.g., butter, beef/pork fat) in your diet with eggs, you can actually lower your blood cholesterol.

Does all this info help?   or hurt?   Are you more confused or less confused?   Remember these are theories, sometimes proven - not yet carved in stone.

I know exactly how my mother would have responded to this:   "Everything in moderation" and I'm thinking that that makes sense.   So if you eat 2 eggs for breakfast 3 or 4 times per week, and go easy on fat in the remainder of your diet, keeping the saturated fats minimal, you'll be looking after weight loss, cholesterol and who knows what else!

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3:  My challenge:  pre-school variety meditation

No-one ever says that meditation is bad for you or a potential hazard to your health and happiness.   I know it's good.   Since I try hard to incorporate "good" things into my life, I'm on a path to include meditation on a daily basis.

But I couldn't do it today because I had stuff to put away, company coming for lunch and of course this ezine to write.   Maybe later.   But, later I'm going out for dinner.   And this is frequently the pattern.   That human doing (not human being) that dwells inside me, takes over and dictates the "todos" that are so very important and immediate!

Meditation can wait!  

The good news is that I'm not giving up.   After years of futile attempts, I'm still a meditation novice at the pre-school level and I'm not giving up.   There - now that I've written it for all of you who read this, I definitely cannot quit.

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And might there be something in your life that needs to be written and shared - to enhance your commitment to it?

Wishing you what you wish for yourself.  

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