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August 2006
Issue 16


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   It's an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.


Stretching Summer  

Revving up Metabolism

Group Weight Loss Coaching

The Why and How of Chilling

1:  Stretching Summer

I'm writing this exactly two weeks before Labour Day.  Most of us will soon be setting aside the generous ease of summer.   For teachers and students it's back to school.  For everyone the waning days are foreshadowing the end of holiday time, cottage visits, evening walks and a host of "give-ups" that symbolize the return to rush and reality.  I'm hoping to challenge you with an inquiry:  How do you carry forth summer's serenity into the busyness that aggressively pushes to replace it?

See what you come up with on your own.   For ideas, check out section 4 below.

2:  Revving up Metabolism

Last month's writing was about the "why" of burning calories:  this month I'll talk about the "how".   You already know that the most effective way to increase metabolism is by exercise.

First off, aerobic exercise burns calories while you do it.   Aerobic exercise has many different faces and sometimes gets a bum wrap.   Here are more than a few options you get to choose from:  walking, running, dancing in front of the TV, NIA (dance exercise program), salsa dancing, tennis, golf (if you walk), lots of other sports that keep you moving, cycling, spinning class and the list goes on!

I've heard people say "I don't like exercise".   My answer parallels my response to people who say "I don't like Chinese food".   I ask "do you like chicken?  Or do you like rice"?  And I keep asking until they say "yes".   And I tell them "Then you can't really say you don't like Chinese food".   Similarly, you can't really say "I don't like exercise".   Keep trying different activities until you find something active that you DO like.   Buy a mini trampoline!  Blow up a balloon and hit it up in the air for 30 minutes with your favourite jazzy music playing.   Be creative and try to keep it varied.   Set your mind to viewing aerobic exercise as a fact of life rather than an option or a burden.

Weight training burns fewer calories when you are actually doing it but has a huge, long term payoff.   Weight training builds muscle and muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat:  precisely - with 3 extra pounds of muscle a body at rest burns an average of an additional 150 calories/day.   That adds up to about a pound every 22 days.   Of course the trick is that if you stay at rest, you can't maintain the muscle mass.  Try lifting weights, daily push-ups, or the varied machines you find at gyms.

So the direct benefits of exercise are twofold.   Aerobic exercise burns calories while weight training increases muscle mass and increases metabolism even when sedentary.

One other way to keep metabolism as efficient as possible is to drink 8 or so glasses of water/day.

Coming months:  Where do yoga and Pilates fit?  How much exercise is enough and how much is too much?   More benefits of drinking water.

3:  Group Weight Loss Coaching

If you don't know any women (including yourself) who are struggling to shed 15 lbs.  or more, feel free to proceed to the next section.   If you do - please read the following information.   In addition to being the key to weight loss it could activate greater resistance to disease, more energy, increased self-love and self-like and offer a plethora of other benefits for those who choose to take part.

Beginning the week of Sept.  18, the 12 Week Weight Loss Teleclass will reconvene.

Here is how it works:
A small group of women meet via a bridge telephone line for 1 hour/week for 12 weeks.   There is a huge exchange of knowledge and support.

Topics discussed include
  • stress management
  • healthy eating
  • improving self esteem
  • spirituality and weight loss
  • sabotage from self and others
  • falling off and getting back on the weight loss wagon
  • making exercise an intrinsic part of a lifestyle instead of a chore
  • whatever issues are most challenging for the participants
Enthusiasts will lose weight, expand their weight loss world, create a lifestyle that will indeed serve them for life and develop strategies to make great choices that will reshape their bodies and their baggage.

Please share this info with all of the women you know who have lost and gained weight and long for a solution instead of a band-aid diet.

The cost is $300 and includes up to 3 mini coaching sessions and frequent email contact.  For more information contact lyndawise@yahoo.com or call 416-225-3535.

What current and past participants are saying:  

I learned that I can say NO.   I learned that NOT always "catering" to others doesn't make me a selfish person but rather helps to improve my self esteem.  I learned that you don't have to solve stress by the FRIDGE and that starving myself when stressed works against my weight loss.   This program helped me change my life and I know that I'll continue thinking in this new way and will follow what I've learned.  
- Helen W.  Real Estate Agent

I enjoyed your insights, your humour and your perseverance to make each session interesting, Lynda.  You have done a world of good - Thanks so very much!  
- Sandra D.  University professor

4:  The Why and How of Chilling

The answer is actually quite simple.   All you need to do is schedule empty times along with activities that create spaciousness and happiness - a.k.a chill time.

Implementation is the challenge.  Somehow we picked up the belief that busy means important.   Idle means unimportant or lazy or unproductive.

Have you ever experienced being stuck on a task, left it for awhile, then returned only to have a fresh outlook and an answer to the puzzle?   Breaks facilitate better functioning.   Somehow we forget that, when we tightly schedule every minute.   In truth, idleness opens possibilities for connecting, acknowledging and truly listening to our bodies, minds and the world around us. Doing nothing allows us to sense what's really going on from within - noticing gut feelings or sensing intuition.

So, schedule yourself frequent periods of nothingness for the fall before it's too late; then, build your life around that schedule.

Time for nothingness gives us insights into our glitches, our reality and our visions.   Nothingness can be ignored if you simply want a full life:  it is essential if you wish for the most fulfilling one.


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