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December 2006
Issue 20


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   It's an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


Bad time for homework but...  

Commitment crazy.



1:  Bad time for homework but....

Between last minute shopping, wrapping, preparing your home, cooking, baking and putting out fires when tensions are present, the last thing you need from me is homework.   So instead I extend an invitation to give yourself a gift.   It's cost-free and comes in two parts.  

Part 1:  an empty pocket of time before Jan.  1 - at least an hour or perhaps a day, whatever you can muster.   Use it for doing nothing - simply thinking.   Just sitting and thinking.   Let your mind wander deliciously:  channel it to nice thoughts.   If it strays to worrisome ideas, nurture it back to the world of pleasant.  

Part 2:  more time.   1 hour to jot down some goals for 2007.   If you want change in your life, you are far more likely to do something about it if you write down what you wish for.   Want more insurance that you will act?   Share the goals with someone.  Talk to a partner or a friend or email your thoughts to me.   The clearer you are, the more successful you will be.   Good luck and enjoy the gift!  (no re-gifting allowed)

2:  Commitment crazy.

I'm quite strict with myself.   Commitments are extremely sacred to me.   I recently refused an almost free trip to Paris, partly because I had committed to being the speaker at a meeting.   Then, the meeting date got changed!   The opportunity for Paris had vanished.  

Dependability is a strong value of mine.   Yet, for me it's fuzzy where dependability ends and rigidity begins.   How much should one sacrifice in order to be completely dependable?   When is it right to change your mind especially when other people are counting on you?  What do you think?

3:  Surprize!

Isn't it too bad that we don't get some kind of credit for the calories we resist instead of having to just add up the ones we eat?   Friends took me to an Asian Buffet (twisted my arm, of course).   The multitude of choices was impressive!   I decided that if I keyed on sushi and nibbled at the rest of the really appealing offerings, I couldn't get into too much trouble.   The desserts were not as impressive as the savoury offerings so I just nibbled a bit of ice cream.   I had a lovely meal and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.  There were great looking dishes that I resisted - lots of stir fried and deep fried platters, fatty meats, noodle dishes, and the list goes on.   I felt pretty proud of myself for all the temptations I had declined.  

The next day, just for fun and to satisfy a bit of curiosity, I checked out the calorie content of the salmon sushi that I had liberally inhaled the night before.  And the grand total was .........  a whopping 900 calories.   And, that did not include all my other tasting.  I was not pleased.   Even though my choices had been good ones, I seemed to get caught up in the vastness of the food that I loved.   Portion control is generally not my issue, but let me loose in a buffet and anything can happen!

Here is what I plan to do next time I visit a buffet.   Maybe eat an apple about 30 minutes before the plunge!   Or, start with a green salad or a clear soup and give my brain the message that I'm getting fed before the main attack.   Or visit the website of the restaurant ahead of time to get a list of their main entrees and look up the number of calories before I go instead of after.   Or perhaps I could decide in advance, how many trips to the food stations I'm allowed i.e.  one for the salad and one for the main event.   Most simply, I could use some self control:  because food is there, and because it is delicious and because I really enjoy it, it doesn't mean that I must overeat ad nauseum!  

And what about you?   I would love to hear how you manage at a buffet - or not.   Any tips to share with other readers?


The 12 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS GROUP begins again, Tuesday, January 16, 2007.   Losing weight is not an easy task.  It can be challenging, frustrating and all consuming. Keeping off the weight can be even more difficult.   If you wish to consider permanent weight loss a project for 2007, surround yourself with others who have similar goals!   You will lose weight, develop a lifestyle that will help maintain the weight loss, feel supported, adapt to significant coping strategies and learn to love your self regardless of what the scale says!   Feel free to contact me for further information or an application form.  lyndawise@yahoo.com or 416-225-3535 or visit http://wisecoaching.ca/WL_teleGroup.htm

4:  Sweating.

During the last month, I've spent some days working at Toronto's cancer hospital. A message screamed at me each time I left there:  "remember not to sweat the small stuff!" The experience reinforced for me what the small stuff really is - it's almost everything!   Next time you're feeling stressed out and frenzied, you may simply wish to ask yourself whether the issue is really worth the sweat.   You just might be surprized at the answer!

May you celebrate and may you enjoy!  Wishing you what you wish for yourself and above all, good health and a deeply satisfying life in 2007.


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