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December 2007
Issue 32


What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:  I'd love to hear from you.   This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


Me first!  

Are you having fun yet?  Lose the weight in 2008!  

Getting the biggest bang for your Fruit and Veggie bucks!

Lining up your ducks.  

1:  Me first!  

Yes, it's mid-December and life can feel complicated.   Consider the actual celebration of Christmas - a happy time for some, a busy time for many and an unusually stressful time for almost everyone - whether you're actually celebrating the holiday or not! As I've mentioned in the past, it's a time when everyone expects you to come alive with the Christmas spirit.   But who has time to get in the spirit while attempting to juggle all of the regular job and family responsibilities compounded by the shopping, the planning, the entertaining etc.?

What if you were to assume a new outlook on the remaining days in 2007?   Since time is the greatest enemy of most people, how would you feel about making friends with the clock?   If you could let go of a couple of things each day, how could that be a great gift to yourself?   Does the word "delegate" have any appeal to you?   Maybe you could amend a friendship to include 5 minutes/day of venting!   Sometimes having someone listen to you can be tremendously soothing and de-stressing!   Accepting graciously when someone offers to help often makes the giver of help feel significant - it's not simply a lightening of your load!  And lastly, if you're up from 7:30 a.m.  to 11:30 p.m., that's 960 minutes.   How about splurging 15 of those minutes just to "be"?  You may just sit and think or meditate or listen to music or do a puzzle or read or...

Your interpretation of the days ahead is up to you.   I challenge you to enjoy them all!

2:  Are you having fun yet?  

Remember last month's challenge?  For a refresher on the article about fun, please visit http://wisecoaching.ca/newsletters/ezine_Nov_2007.htm
I wrote about the impact of fun on your life and then gave the assignment;
  • Make a list of 30 things that sound like fun...  big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones, pricey ones, cheap ones...  you get the picture.   Then consciously figure out how you will build some of them into your life between now and Dec.  31.   Start with today and carry forth!   Please, PLEASE let me know what this does for you!  
Nice to know that many of you were really juiced by the challenge!   And what about those of you that I didn’t hear from?   Maybe this will help!   (This is a bandwagon you can't afford to miss.)

Perhaps the biggest hurdle comes from the world around us - overflowing with negative energy:  the TV news is filled with graphic images of war and destruction, the newspapers feature the most sensational/horrendous photos and descriptions and even our entertainment is generously peppered with stories of murder, rape and dirty politics and the list goes on.   In addition, life on the home front often throws curves - illness, career problems, money issues, relationship trials and other facts of life!  

No, having fun really isn't as easy as it first sounds.
But given its benefits, finding a place for fun in our lives is crucial!
How to blend?  True, there are no easy answers:  even so, I've provided a few suggestions.
Generally, surround yourself with as many sources of positive energy as you can.
  • Start with gratitude.   Journal the small but wonderful events that come along:  an unexpected kiss:  bumping into a long-lost buddy:  hearing a favourite old song:  and receiving a compliment, just to name a few.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.   Ask yourself "Will it matter a week from now or a year from now?" Learn to differentiate the level of importance - and this may take a lot of work before the fun begins!
  • Take yourself less seriously!   Save the perfectionism for when it really matters.   Learn to laugh at yourself with gusto!
  • View each failure as a lesson for next time.  Shake off your self blame as quickly and possible.
  • Call it The "half full" outlook or optimism or whatever you like!   Key in on the goodness in your life in place of dwelling on what goes wrong.
Maybe now is the time to revisit last month's homework.   I hope to hear good things from you.   This season has great potential but needs your permission to be truly great fun.   Enjoy!

2:  Lose the weight in 2008!  

The 12 Week Weight Loss Forever Telephone Group is BACK!  - 2 opportunities!
One program begins on Monday, January 7 at 5:00 p.m.  eastern!  The other program starts on Tuesday Feb.  19, 12:00 noon eastern.  If you're still battling and feeling frustrated with the whole weight issue - you might wish to give yourself this gift of a better, longer life.   You deserve it!

Please visit http://www.wisecoaching.ca/WL_teleGroup.htm for more information or call 416-225-3535 or email lyndawise@yahoo.com for a complimentary coaching consultation.   This is a fabulous opportunity - you'll love the success, the support and the reclaiming of power over your life!

From a former participant: Ann – mom and Policy Analyst, Ontario Government
Lynda’s program really helped me gain insight into and focus on what personal issues were keeping me in the mind set that I just could not lose weight.   I now feel like I really can tackle my weight loss.   Thank you for the coaching and inspiration.

3:  Getting the biggest bang for your Fruit and Veggie bucks!

Everyone knows the health mantra - "eat lots of fruit and veggies"!   But how do the maximum benefits get from farm to stomach?   Frozen vs.  fresh?  Steam vs.  microwave or roast?  Raw vs.  cooked?   Organic vs.  non-organic?  
Here are some of the answers:

Fresh or frozen?
Fresh is best when it really is farm-fresh and ripe.  However, many commercial fruits and veggies are picked before peak ripeness -- which also means before their nutritional peak -- to avoid spoilage during transport and storage.   And just a few days after harvest, fruit and vegetables begin to lose some of their nutritive goodness.  What's more, the longer they sit on the shelf - during transport, in the supermarket, and in your fridge -- the fewer nutrients they have left to pass on to you.

On the other hand, fruits and vegetables intended for freezing are usually picked closer to the peak of ripeness and are flash-frozen immediately after harvest.  The processing does deplete some nutrients, but it locks in the rest for up to 12 months.  So in some instances, frozen fruits and veggies may actually have more of the vitamins and minerals your body needs.   Furthermore, vegetables cooked directly from frozen retain more vitamin C than vegetables that are thawed first.

To microwave or not to microwave...
Although some studies suggest the microwave is to blame for robbing your food of the nutrients, others point a finger at the water in which they are cooked.   There's lots of controversy, still.
For most fruits and vegetables, any type of cooking lowers the nutrient content.   So for now here's the scoop:
  • Less cooking means more vitamins and minerals.
  • Leave skins on whenever possible.   Many fruits and vegetables hold most of their antioxidants in their skins.   Simply wash well before cooking/eating.
  • Lightly steam vegetables instead of boiling, sautéing, roasting or microwaving.
  • Incorporating salads into your menu is always a good bet (though watch the amount of dressing- a whole other issue!)
  • Learn to love fresh vegetables dipped in a dash of hummus for a great snack.
  • The exception is the red tomato.  Cooking actually increases its level of lycopene -- an antioxidant thought to help prevent certain types of cancer, heart disease, and vision loss.  LOVE THAT TOMATO SAUCE!
Quick Tip: Drizzle your vegetables with a tiny bit of olive oil to help your body better absorb the nutrients.

Organic vs.  non-organic? Coming in January.

4:  Lining up your ducks.  

I invite you to contemplate your path in 2007.  And here I go with my questions again...
  • What did you love?
  • What could you have lived without?
  • Greatest challenge?
  • Most proud of?
  • Regrets?
  • How did you grow?
Might you wish to consider these answers in designing your 2008?
Change is more likely to happen when you write down goals.   For me, setting goals is very difficult - maybe I'll fail!  Maybe I'll change my focus or my mind.  I trust it might be difficult for some of you as well!   It's definitely worth the effort. What kind of support do you need to create the life you want?   I urge you to reach out to those around you.   You don't have to do it all alone.   If you're thinking that coaching might help, please take part in a 30 minute complimentary coaching session.  Email lyndawise@yahoo.com or call 416-225-3535.   There's no obligation.

Create 2008 how you want it to be.   Only you can line up your ducks!
I wish you what you wish for yourself.   Healthy, happy New Year!

It will be my pleasure to treat you to a gift certificate for each referral who becomes a client!

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