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Lynda Wise B.Sc., C.P.C.C.  
Weight Loss and Wellness Coach

December '11
Issue 79

What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you currently live your life versus how you want to live your life.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me;  I'd love to hear from you.  This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


1.  PERSONAL LIFE COACHING:   What do you Want?

One Thing at a Time

3.  THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING:   What do I want?

1:  What do you want?

So often, as the year closes, we are urged to set goals for the new year.   It's not always easy to see past the busy present.  

This year my coach, Cynthia, chose a slightly different route to aid in my conscious living and asked a slightly different, innocent sounding, question; "Lynda, what do you want in 2012?".   The answer is now a work in progress, stretched over the last couple of weeks.

My initial response was total avoidance (confession - I'm so much better at giving those kinds of assignments than doing them myself).......  but as my follow-up call with Cynthia approached, I forced myself to sit down with the question to think and write and think some more, and so forth.   Cynthia had suggested 7 categories (mentally, physically, socially, business-wise, community-wise, romantically, and family-wise) and the longer I thought, the more I wrote, the more plentiful the insights and the deeper I delved.   I still have a way to go but I've already learned more about my modus operandi.   I've even added two categories - my environment and travel.  

I thank you, Cynthia.   The thought process has brought on real introspection and mindfulness.  

So what do you want for 2012?   And looking ahead......what are your top 3 "wants" and what are you prepared to do to make them happen?   I'd love to see them if you'd care to share them!  

2:  One Thing at a Time

Just in case weight-loss crept into your thoughts in section 1 above, I'll throw in my 2 cents worth.   There are two main reasons (and lots of others) for maintaining extra weight or adding to it.
They are:

  • eating the wrong foods
  • erring on moderate portion size
What's your biggest downfall?   Focusing on both of these along with the many other contributors to extra weight can often lead to failure.   But choosing just one of these 2 culprits and embracing it fully with no negotiation can be very manageable!!!!   Getting just one villain under control can lead to endless rewards and successes.   I'm not saying that all the other factors can be completely ignored - common sense is vital!  

Are you ready???   Go for it!   Make 2012 The year for taking back control over your body.   Need help?   Coaching is the best route to permanent weight loss, since it is totally personalized, changes are accomplished gradually and results depend on one's own explorations and insights.

And there's always a complimentary call to see if it's for you.
By all means, contact me to arrange it!
Lynda 416-225-3535 or lyndawise@yahoo.com

3:  What do I Want?

One thing I want
One of my 'wants' for 2012 is to be more visible.   So here's my first step towards that place.   I'm branching out on speaking engagements.   If any group that you are connected to, work or socially related, seeks speakers in the new year, let's talk.   Topics are 'life' related - not necessarily about weight loss.   We'll design the theme together according to the population attending and their interests and needs.   There's no charge for this service - I love to do this.   Sorry - it must be in Toronto or in the surrounding area.

Last Wise Words of 2011.   Tall order.
Many thanks for reading this ezine!   It allows me to stay in touch and let you know some of my coaching-related thoughts.   This leads me to a 'grateful' place and here I must look back and consider the gifts my life has held and continues to hold.   I feel so privileged to do this work and lead this life that includes so many riches wherever I look - family, friends, health, lifestyle, environment and the list goes on.  

And repeated thank you for being here with me.
I wish you a healthy 2012, loaded with whatever is important to you.   Feel free to help it along!
And finally, I wish you what you wish for yourself.  

With warmth and caring,

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