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Lynda Wise B.Sc., C.P.C.C.  
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February '11
Issue 69

What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you currently live your life versus how you want to live your life.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me;  I'd love to hear from you.  This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  



Educating your Tongue

3.  THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING:   ...or from about 1500 miles away

1:  Self Love  

I recently came across the following words;
"If we learn to love ourselves we don't need to make others feel smaller to make ourselves feel bigger."

I don't know the source: but, it really made me wonder.

Is the critical voice inside us helping or hurting us or those we interact with?
That voice judging others - is it about the blips in the one we judge or about our own shortcomings?  If we could accept our self as is, could we more readily accept others?
Would a generous array of pats on our own back, by us, lead to more frequent pats, from us, on other backs?
Why, at times, does beating ourselves up come so much more easily than boosting ourselves up?

Sadly, I have no all-encompassing answers.  

However, here's my invitation: notice when you're not nice to yourself!  Notice when you feel foolish, neglectful or down because of your behaviour.   Everyone forgets, misjudges, is inappropriate or experiences failure from time to time.   Next time, try reminding yourself that you're human and then, search for the lesson to apply in order to make next time better.

Back to the quote, with some modification - the more understanding we are of our own glitches, the more positive our impact will be on others in our life!

2:  Educating your Tongue

You've likely heard it before but sorry, I need to repeat it.....  if you fill up on healthy, low calorie foods, there's less likelihood of over-consuming the high fat or high sugar foods that tempt and sabotage your efforts.   That's why, if you're trying to lose or maintain weight, it's helpful to start a meal with a salad (low fat dressing, please) or soup (no cream, please).   It's equally important to include a pile of veggies in your main course.  

But what about the poor soul who doesn't like the taste of all those vegetables?

Here's some good news from "Real Age".   A study was done testing "yucky-tasting foods" to children who were totally turned off vegetables.   After the subjects were given weekly tastes of their most dreaded veggies for a month or two, they actually started to like the taste!   Other studies have indicated that this will also work in adults.   Your taste buds can actually be educated to enjoy the foods that are so good for you, that may not be palatable for you right now. So the old saying "Try it.   You'll like it." might actually be true after all!   It might just take a while!

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3:  Thoughts from my Swing or from about 1500 miles away

Written last week.  
Earlier today...  a walk on the beach...  a totally blue sky...  it's almost breezeless...  the day is gently warm...  my friend and I, a few other walkers and lots of jellyfish...  some squishy sand...  one sneakered foot totally surprized by an extra-enthusiastic wave.
We feel the power of the ocean.   It's all completely exquisite.
Yet another reminder to count blessings.

Wishing you what you wish for yourself,  

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