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January 2007
Issue 21


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   This is an open and personal invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


Tradition or Worn Out Habit?  

The True Cost of Debt.

"Good for You"

The Rules.

1:  Tradition or Worn Out Habit?

A young bride asked her mother for the family recipe for roast beef.   The first instruction was to cut off 5 inches at the end of the meat and place it on top of the larger section of roast.  When the bride asked why, her mother explained "that was how grandma always did it".   When the twosome approached grandma for an explanation, grandma explained "that was the only way that the roast would fit into my mother's pan".

It's about mindfulness.  If you do things just because that's how grandma, your mother or roommate or teacher or boss did, maybe it's time to take a piercing look at the process.

How much of your life is robotic?   When you take some time to notice what you are doing, you create opportunities.   Perhaps the shortage of time that's choking you can be found.   Perhaps the extra energy to play or exercise is being wasted on out of date habits.   Even looking at money that's spent routinely can sometimes offer the solution to a cash dearth.

As a Life Coach I help individuals control their baggage and their bodies.   The examples above are all about your baggage.   I'm delighted to offer you a complimentary coaching consultation to determine if working with me could lead you to creating a more mindful, exciting and energetic life.   Please call or email (416-225-3535 or lyndawise@yahoo.com).

2:  The True Cost of Debt

I'm hoping you are debt free as you emerge from the expenses of the holidays.   However, this piece is not just about holiday times.   As you well know, unexpected expenses can magically pop up at any time of year.   If you are bearing heavy interest rates on your credit card(s), there's actually more at stake than just money.   Researchers have found that individuals who are repaying credit card high-interest-rate type of debt, experience credit card stress and report a significantly increased number of health problems.

When you think of the underlying connection, there's a lot of logic here.  Debt causes stress:  stress causes general strain and lower resistance:  a state of lowered resistance results in picking up more bugs that are going around.   It's no secret that a stressed individual is more likely to experience heart attacks and other diseases.

So if indeed you are experiencing credit card stress, then it is vitally important for you to be looking after yourself with proper sleep time, food intake and EXERCISE!   Coping with all of life's challenges becomes more manageable when your self care routine is firmly in place.

3:  Good for You.

Beware!   When a food is advertised as "good for you", it could mean a wide variety of things.  Here's an example.   One of the most confusing issues is glycemic index (G.I.), which is a measure of how quickly carbohydrates turn to sugar while your body digests food.   Foods with low G.I. slowly trickle glucose into your blood stream.   Foods with a high G.I. release glucose quickly, making for the sugar rush, quick digestion and prompt hunger.   Eating mainly carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, keeps your energy levels balanced and means you will feel fuller for longer between meals.  Whole wheat pasta and other complex carbs, with a lower G.I., are healthier choices for a variety of reasons, than white pasta and other simple carbs.   So would you say that whole wheat pasta is "good for you"?   Under the right set of circumstances - YES!   However, the YES is qualified and depends on several variables - portion size, other food eaten with it and throughout the rest of the day and a person's tolerance for wheat, to name a few.   And keep in mind that a low glycemic index is not related to foods lower in calories (for anyone who wishes to lose weight) or foods lower in sodium (for people who wrestle with blood pressure), etc.   It's more complicated than it first appears.

In summary, when you are making a choice because the package says it's "good for you" you may wish to question if it's really good for YOU!   If you would like some help with healthy choices, feel free to get in touch.

4:  The Rules.

I like having rules.   I like to follow the rules.   I have difficulty breaking the rules.   And I like it when others follow the rules.   On the last leg of my leadership course I was told "Lynda - it's okay to like rules as long as you recognize that it's okay to break the rules and formulate new ones".  

In May 2005, with the first edition of this newsletter, the rule I created for this section was for it to contain what I hoped were lessons or ponderings from my beloved porch swing.   It is 25 degrees Fahrenheit or -4 degrees Celsius in Toronto, right now.   If I were out on my swing, my thoughts would definitely not be fit for print.  So for this edition, I have no thoughts from my swing!  Yay for me - I broke the rules!  How liberating!

And what liberates you?

Questions?  Call or email me.  416-225-3535 or lyndawise@yahoo.com

Wishing you what you wish for yourself,

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