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July 2006
Issue 15


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   It's an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.

Sensible about Sudoku.   

An Opportunity.

Ouch - Metabolism

Asking for Help!

1:  Sensible about Sudoku

I like to think that my Scrabble addiction is nurturing my brain and warding off Alzheimer's.   One often hears that playing games, following intellectual pursuits and solving puzzles sharpens one's mind.   However, I do recognize that this "harmless" hobby of mine is fairly time consuming.   Thus I resisted even attempting the now rampant craze called Sudoku.   For those who are in the Sudoku dark, it is a number placement puzzle.   It appears in Toronto's 3 daily newspapers as well as most newspapers across Canada and The United States and is also available on numerous websites.   I knew full well that for me it could be lethal.  

However, in anticipation of long flights a few months ago, I clipped a few Sudokus for further amusement in the air, for just one time.   Major mistake.   I promptly ignored the reading material that would have been helpful for the course I was about to take as well as the in-flight movie.  

Sometime after that flight, I noticed that I was spending roughly 3-5 hours/week on Sudokus.   And I realized that I wasn't feeling very good about it.   I also noticed that it was a substitute for other pleasures and an amazing excuse to replace less than exciting pastimes.   I noticed that I was too busy for lots of things:   reading the rest of the newspaper, making certain phone calls and especially simply sitting and chilling for a few minutes, to name just a few.  

It took awhile for me to recognize and step away from wiling away those Sudoku hours.  Once I did I was able to consciously decide how to spend my time.   I now have a self imposed Sudoku quota.   I get to nurture my brain, I thoroughly enjoy the ones I allow myself to do, and the Sudoku time is no longer spilling over or taking over other things.  

So what is Sudoku a metaphor for in your life?   Where would your time be better spent?   How difficult is it for you to flip off the TV, get off of the telephone, say no to another crossword puzzle, resist subscribing to an additional magazine, avoid a redundant shopping trip, log out of the poker website, etc?  

A good way to discover where your time goes is to keep a record of your activities for 1 week.   I promise (almost) that you'll learn something.   And, you may even wish to thank me.   If you still can't seem to prioritize and fit in what is really vital to you and maintain the "I just can't help it" outlook, let's talk!   An impartial perspective can be enlightening and life altering!   lyndawise@yahoo.com

2:  An Opportunity

It suddenly occurred to me:  the rest of the world is offering summer sales so why don't I?   If you've wondered how coaching could change your life, this could be a great opportunity to find out.   If there's a particular area of your life that feels unsatisfying and in need of a makeover (the whole world is doing makeovers as well!) or if you are experiencing a lack of stimulation, excitement and/or satisfaction, stop settling!  Please pick up the phone and set up our first session.  

Special rates:   $100/ month for two months, including eight 30-minute coaching calls.   Coaching is done on the telephone.   If you still aren't sure, try a 30 minute complimentary coaching conference.   416-225-3535 or email lyndawise@yahoo.com.

Here are some of the reasons why my clients hire me as their coach:   needing to treat themselves better, serious about weight loss, cure for a workaholic, life feels like a bust, learning to prioritize time and energy, learning to say no, etc.  

3:  Ouch Metabolism

We generally think of metabolism as the rate at which we burn calories.   More explicitly, it is the way that your body processes proteins, carbohydrates and fats so that all of the body systems are properly fueled.   If your body uses the exact quantity of calories that you take in, you will maintain a constant weight. Take in fewer calories than your body needs - you lose weight.   Take in more - you gain.  

So how much control do we have over our metabolism?  

Innately, metabolism does differ among individuals.   Alas, we cannot control that genetic factor.   Some individuals naturally burn calories more quickly than others.  Another aspect of metabolic rate that we cannot control is aging!   For each decade that we age, our metabolic rate slows by 5%.   If a 30 year old maintains her weight with 2000 calories/day, at 40 her body will need only 1900 calories to do the same thing.   If she doesn't cut down caloric intake, and her lifestyle remains the same, she will gain 10 lbs every year!   Now that's scary. So what can you do to speed things up?  

Drum roll.................I'll give you lots more information next month - but the main key is exercise.

The Fall 12 Week Weight Loss Group will begin the week of Sept.  18.  This unique, comprehensive Weight Loss program goes far beyond diet and exercise.   Participants have opportunities to examine and improve on handling stress, how they use food, self esteem and an abundance of other topics which relate to creating a lifestyle that includes permanent weight control.   Groups are small and extremely kind and supportive.   Contact me for more information lyndawise@yahoo.com or pass this on to someone in your life who is struggling with her weight.

Helen W.  says "..with Lynda's help I achieved my weight loss goal and the most important thing is that the pounds are gone for good, and I know that I'll continue this new way of living because it makes me feel good, physically and mentally".  

4:  Asking for help!

How are you when it comes to asking for help?  

Personally, I'd rather just do it myself!  

Whenever a persistent behaviour is counter-beneficial there's usually a fear involved.   So what's my fear?   Maybe it's loss of independence, or the "what will he/she think of me" syndrome or is it my inadequacy that's soon to be discovered!   There could be a gazillion other reasons.  

But, the real focus here should not be on my reluctance to ask for help but rather on the benefits of asking for help.   Here are a few:  
  • Asking for help creates an amicable teamwork type of environment.  
  • Asking for help knocks down bridges and exposes vulnerability, thus exposing one's humanness.  
  • Asking for help gives others opportunities to contribute and feel important!  
  • Asking for help from even one person doubles the potential for new ideas and perspectives.
  • Working with another person can be more fun.  
  • Asking for help results in a lighter load and more time for the asker to pursue other things!  
Here's my challenge to you and to me:  ask for help once/day for the next month.  

Will you take it on?   I will!   Please feel free to let me know how it goes and also how many sudokus you can do with the time you find by having help!  


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