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June 2006
Issue 14


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   It's an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.

  1. PERSONAL LIFE COACHING:   Happy New Year and a Half!   
  2. IF YOU DON'T LOOK AFTER YOURSELF WHO WILL?   Summertime: Is the Living Easy?

1:  Happy New Year and a Half!

January 1, 2006: New Year's Resolutions - bah, humbug!   Writing down your goals - a winning strategy or shall I say a strategy of winners.   ( For those wishing a refresher: http://wisecoaching.ca/newsletters/ezine_Jan_2006.htm).  The invitation to write down your design for 2006 is still open.   If you're noticing that you are drifting, unsatisfied, restless, lacking focus, or your life is meandering down easy, unsatisfying paths, you can pin yourself down now. Writing things down will point you in a laser-like way toward the verve and delight that is yours to grab hold of.  Consider some of these areas: career, relationships, physical health, spirituality, money, intellectual pursuits and fun.   Be BOLD!   Stop ACCOMMODATING!   STOP COMPOMISING!

First, give yourself a gift of fifteen minutes of quiet time for reflection.   Sit with nothing.   Clear your to-do list along with all the other distractions from your head and give yourself full permission to dream.   Take more time if you need it - you are worth it!   Select the one or two areas that give you that ache in your belly or the tightness in your chest.   Imagine how wonderful these areas of your life could be.   Consider the spillover effect to other areas of your life and the impact on your loved ones.   Next, using your best pen and paper, write down what you want this area of your life to look like.   Include lots of detail. Design what steps you will take to recreate this dream as your reality.   Make these baby steps and set each one up with a deadline.   If you are hesitant, check out what's holding you back: sometimes it's fear of success, often it's fear of failure, and it could be simply fear of the unknown.   If possible, share your plan with someone.   Need help?  Call me.   This is what I do: help people reshape their minds, bodies and spirits.   416-225-3535

2:  Summertime: Is the living easy?

I'm writing this on the first day of summer.   For me this is a scrumptious time of year.   I can go out without a coat or without even thinking about a coat.   I get to play outdoor tennis and go for wonderful outdoor power walks with a great friend.   Why does a hot cup of coffee at an outdoor table taste better?   I'll attend some concerts in the park - starting next week!   I'm fortunate enough to have some cottage opportunities.   Since I crave being near a lake I will really try to make that happen - and maybe water ski if possible.   And at home, there's my beloved swing.

Summer is a perfect excuse for me to be better to myself.

And what about you?   I'd be delighted to share my excuse with you.

3:  More Restaurant Fare

As mentioned last month, restaurant personnel are anxious to please!   If you are clear on what you want to hold onto when you dine out, you can definitely get it! If you have doubts, of course you are more likely to make unhealthy choice.   Feel free to call the restaurant ahead of time to ask any questions that will help you maintain your eating plan.
Here are this month's ideas to help you stay on the healthy eating wagon:
  • Mustard has a small fraction of the fat and calories of mayo: 1 tablespoon of mustard has 11-14 calories, 1 tablespoon of mayo has 99 calories.
  • Red sauce is fantastically healthy: white sauce is fantastically not.  If the combination of ingredients that's calling you is on the menu with a white sauce while the red sauce is listed with other foods, simply ask for the substitution.
  • Ask for salad dressings and sauces on the side: you get a taste and you have quantity control!

The Spring 12 Week Weight Loss Group is in progress, now.   In case you or someone you know missed this opportunity, the next one is starting in September and has space.   Contact me for an application form or more info.   lyndawise@yahoo.com

4:  Help!

How are you when it comes to asking for or receiving or giving help?  Honestly, I'm much better at giving than asking for or receiving it.   I even have trouble when someone steps in to rescue me when I think I'm managing on my own!   "Doesn't she think I can put my own jacket on?" "Why the unsolicited advice? Doesn't she think I can solve my own problem?" If someone in the passenger seat says "there's a car parked there" - "doesn't he think I have eyes?"

I think that I'm aware of my underlying problem.   My values of "independence" and "being capable" are being stepped on when something or someone interferes with my carrying out a task.   My resistance is all about ME!   Does getting help mean that I'm dependent and/or incapable?   Of course it doesn't.

Sometimes a "helper" steps up so that he/she can feel useful.   And that's what I need to be mindful of.   When someone wants to take over what I'm doing, sometimes I need to let them - for their personal good not mine.   Sometimes I need to become the receiver.

When some people are helpful beyond helpful it's often about their own needs.   Of course lending a hand has a solid place in so many areas, but the flip side is that it can actually deprive the receiver of the sense of personal independence and capability.

Next time you find yourself pulled tightly in several directions, you just might want to ask yourself how and why you got there!  Next month...  more about asking for help.

Enjoy the summer, full out!

Warmly, Lynda

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