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June '13
Issue 97

What's in it for you?    A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you currently live your life versus how you want to live your life.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me;  I'd love to hear from you.  This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  

Personal Anxiety - Be in Charge

Setting the Exercise Record Straight

I'm about to Contradict Myself.

1:  Personal Anxiety - Be in Charge

Stressful situations often cause worry and tension.  Stress often brings on anxiety.  It's normal.  But how do you, personally, deal with anxiety in a way to minimize the impact?  There are many good answers but just in case you're not dealing with anxiety in your most productive way, I'll make three suggestions.

  1. Do whatever you need to do to stay present.  Anxiety is frequently brought about by "worry about what's going to happen" to you or a loved one or in a particular situation, to name a few.  If you bring yourself back from future thoughts and focus on the now, you put yourself more in a place of control where you can calm yourself (deep stomach breathing, listening to music, or maybe meditating for a few minutes) and eventually do something about the situation that's causing the grief.

  2. Ask for help.  It's difficult for many people to loosen the hold on their ego and get the opinions and assistance of others - friends, family, professionals! The more you ask - the more you get.  The more you get - the better you cope.  The better you cope - the less the anxiety.

  3. Exercise.
And there are lots more options if you're prepared to take charge!

2:  Setting the Exercise Record Straight

There are a lot of rumours out there that focus on exercise.  Thought I'd straighten out some falsehoods so you're sure to get the most from your efforts!!  

  1. Rumour:  Stretching before a workout reduces injury.
    Fact:  Stretching is best done after warming up or after the workout to maintain flexibility when muscles are warm.  Before exercise, for 5-10 minutes, try jogging, walking in place or jumping jacks to get your muscles warmed up and consequently avoid injury.

  2. Rumour:  Cardio burns all of the calories.
    Fact:  Both cardio and muscle-strengthening burn calories, but lifting weights results in increased metabolism for up to 24 hours after.  For best results you can do intervals -- combinations of cardio and weight training, 2-3 times/week.

  3. Rumour:  It's beneficial to rest between sets.
    Fact:  Go from one set to the next with a couple of deep breaths in between, if needed, in order to get the maximum benefit.

  4. Rumour:  Anytime is the best time to exercise, as long as you do it!
    Fact:  Cortisol is a fat-burning hormone produced by our body.  Its production spikes between 6 and 8 a.m. so an early workout burns the most calories.  If weight loss or maintenance is your concern, schedule your workouts for first thing in the day.

  5. Rumour:  It's best to work out on an empty stomach.
    Fact:  Lots of controversy here but consensus is to eat a small (about 75 to 150 calories) meal consisting of protein and complex carbs (fruit perhaps) for optimum results from your efforts.

  6. Rumour:  No amount of exercise is too much!
    Fact:  An adult needs 2-60 minute muscle workouts/week.  As for cardio, a lot depends on intensity.  Moderate cardio, like walking fast enough so that you're having some difficulty carrying on a normal conversation, should occupy about 250 minutes/week.  Intense cardio, of the breathless variety, is ideally done for 150 minutes/week.  It's extremely healthy to take a day off - no cardio at all.  You know you're overdoing it when you feel ill, exhausted, headachy or feel a loss of energy overall.  Good to check out these symptoms with your doctor and get things straightened out!
There's discussion and controversy around each of these statements.  The only fact that experts can agree on is that exercise is a hugely GOOD THING.

3:  I'm about to Contradict Myself.

I've just done a lot of writing here about what you SHOULD do in the exercise arena.  But here's the message I really want you to get.  Do whatever you can do - it all helps, just sometimes more than others!  Even a 20-minute walk twice a week has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, especially in those with a genetic inclination.  Don't know what to get for a friend for her birthday?  How about sharing a walk a few times/week?  A selfish gift?  Yup!  So what - she'll thank you.  Squeeze in some extra stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  Put on some music and shimmy while you wash the veggies.  Borrow a baby and take him/her for a walk.

I've been accused of sounding like a broken record, but what other piece of advice promises less disease, longer life, better emotional health, setting a great example, looking better, thinking better, feeling better and ever so much more.  I challenge you to find any evidence that suggests that sensible exercise does you harm.

Now what?

I'm wishing you whatever you wish for yourself!

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