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March/April 2014
Issue 103

What's in it for you?    A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you currently live your life versus how you want to live your life.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me;  I'd love to hear from you.  This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  

What Else Makes People Happy?

Environment and Appetite - Quite a Connection!

It's Enough!

1:  What Else Makes People Happy?

Recap from last ezine...  your possessions and acquisitions account for just 10% of your happiness.  The remaining 90% comes from two areas - one of them not within your control:  50% of your happiness is hereditary.  A study of identical twins separated at birth, with extremely different upbringing, revealed their happiness quotient was less than 1% apart.

That leaves just 40% which is determined by how you control your life - what you do - your actions and with whom you associate - your loved ones and other connections.  There are often folks with toxic behaviour who drain our energies and happiness.  These can be family members, co-workers, 'friends' and other contacts.  It's tricky - especially when it's family.  The solutions are not always straight forward and there's frequently a trade off.  Here are a few suggestions:

* Make conscious decisions about who can stay and who must go.  Give yourself permission to minimize or eliminate those individuals who drain you.  No - we don't choose our family but we can minimize the time spent with those with a negative impact.  'Friends for life' sounds great but sometimes we outgrow them for one reason or another.  Then what?  It's in your hands.  Your consciousness is crucial.

* Claim your power.  So often (not always) that negative feeling that comes from negative associations results from 'allowing'.  When you're about to spend time with someone who's difficult, perhaps that self-pep-talk would help.  "I will not allow him/her to make me feel badly or put me in a negative state."  Being aware and determined is tremendously helpful.

* Here's a tough one:  communicate with the difficult person.  Confrontation is often a dirty word.  So, think of it as "enriching" your relationship and try to make the conversation about you not him/her.  i.e. "When I hear that kind of comment, I tend to internalize it and end up feeling frustrated."  - instead of "When YOU talk that way, you make me feel frustrated."

Start small! Work on it...  it's truly worth it.  

The remaining factor determining our happiness deals with the activities that enrich life in general.  I'll share more next time.

Meanwhile, what have you learned about your personal happiness?  What's one change you're willing to make?

And feel free to share...  lyndawise@yahoo.com

2:  Environment and Appetite - quite a Connection!

You've likely made the connection between various personal experiences and the quantity that you eat!  Your unsettled emotions, like stress, anger and frustration lead the way!  And don't forget happiness and contentment, among other positive feelings.

But there are environmental factors that can have a significant impact on how much you 'put away'.   Here are a few of them:

  1. Smells.  Think about how you feel when you enter a bakery!  Beware!!!
  2. Music.  Loud, fast music can speed up your hunger and intake.  Also, music that you like can enhance willpower while music you don't like can put you in that negative emotional place.
  3. Coloured Plates.  Those eating from red or blue plates tend to eat less--and don't ask me why!
  4. Potatoes (not potato chips) contain resistant starch - an appetite suppressant.  They're more effective cold - ever had a potato salad prepared with low fat Greek yoghurt instead of mayo?  Let me know if it's worth it!
  5. Vinegar counteracts spiking blood sugar and thus suppresses appetite.
  6. DARK chocolate - one ounce only please.  It reduces the need for other sweets.  Try melting it and dipping strawberries into it - Yummy!
  7. Food-related scented candles can confuse your mind into thinking you've already eaten something...  like an apple scent may promote satisfaction - as if you've already eaten some apple pie!!!
  8. Dim lighting makes for slower intake and less food consumption.
Hope some of this helps if you're trying to lose a few (or more) pounds.

3:  It's Enough!

In a commercial on TV, a certain weatherman says "I love being a weatherman because of the control I have over people's lives".  Who is he kidding?  Though I don't believe he has control over the weather or the people who tune into his reports, I do believe that the weather this winter has had a profound effect on many people's moods and lives - because we allow it!!!

It's enough!!!!

This is simply another example of giving one's power away.  We are so capable of taking and exercising control!  Want to play the victim?  Remember...  we are the ones who have the last word about the impact of outside influences on our moods and lives.

Wishing you what you wish for yourself!

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