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March 2006
Issue 11


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   It's an opportunity to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.

  1. PERSONAL LIFE COACHING:   No and I mean No  
  2. IF YOU DON'T LOOK AFTER YOURSELF WHO WILL?   Laughter and your Circulation
    i.  Are you really enjoying it?  
    ii.  The next 12 Week Weight Loss Teleclass begins soon.
  4. THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING:   My "To Do" list.   

1:   No.  And I mean NO!

You might remember a song from the musical Oklahoma called "I Can't say no".  
The lyrics begin:  
    I'm just a girl who can't say no.   I'm in a terrible fix!
    I always say come on let's go.   Just when I ought to say nix.  
Are you the girl (or guy) in the song?  

Saying "yes" is often easier.   "Yes" often opens more doors.   "Yes" usually pleases more people.   "Yes" can minimize guilt.   But "Yes" can have a cost:  the toes you step on could be your own.   Here are some points to keep in mind the next time you're having difficulty saying "no":  
  1. Think of the payoff for saying yes and the consequences for saying no.  
  2. Be very clear in your mind.
  3. Take a deep, slow breath.  
  4. Appear firm - think about your stance and facial expression.  
  5. Start by saying the word "no".  
  6. Spare the apology.  
  7. Show understanding.  
  8. Practise saying "I wish I could but I need the time".  
  9. Be brief.  
The more you say "no", the better you'll become at it!
Learning to say no and mean it will do wonders for your self esteem.  If low self esteem has you wavering in situations that compromise your needs, you might wish to consider some coaching.   Not sure about it?   Feel free to call me for a complimentary coaching call.   Whose life is it anyhow?

2:   Laughter and your circulation:   

Laughter relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow - the exact opposite of what your blood vessels do when you are stressed.  In a small study of healthy men and women with normal blood pressure, watching a funny movie increased blood flow by about 22 percent.  If funny movies aren't your style, spend time with the people who tickle your funny bone.  Try reading a funny book, or creating your own by journaling funny incidents that happened to you.  
When all else fails, you might even want to read some of those email jokes that people send you before erasing them!  Can you believe that could actually be good for your health?

3:   i.  Are you really enjoying it?

The very best bite of apple happens for me at the top of the ladder in late September when I go apple picking!   That initial sampling of a fine Bordeaux sauce feels like pure ambrosia.   When the first lick of an ice cream cone or forkful of your favourite dessert meets your tongue, the taste is sensational.
Recently, my friend looked down at her empty plate and bemoaned "it's all gone", not having a solid recollection of how that had happened!   She vividly recalled the exquisite first taste and then amnesia set in.  
All too often, the enjoyment of eating is overtaken by distractions.   Distractions facilitate unawareness, and thus an inability to take pleasure from the calories we're taking in.  
Result:  we take in extra calories!  
How many times in your life did you hear "pay attention"? It's not always easy, but your first step is making mindful eating a priority.   It might help you to put down your fork between mouthfuls and to generally slow down.   Try eating a meal by yourself without any distractions.   Really experience the experience!  
Heightened appreciation for what you eat results in more control over quantities.
When was the last time that the last bite tasted as good as the first?

ii.  The 12 Week Weight Loss Teleclass begins again on April 25.  

Here's an opportunity to address weight control via handling stress, increasing self esteem, supportive environments, spirituality and of course diet, exercise and much more.   Enjoy tremendous support and allow your personal expertise to support others as you create a healthier lifestyle that will enable you to lose and control your weight for life!   For more information, email lyndawise@yahoo.com or call 416-225-3535.

4:   My "To Do" List
In this age of busyness, keeping track of all our demands is a challenge.  My latest tool is an ongoing desktop file on my computer.   The file has two headings:  "To do", and "To do Today".   It's a very simple, non-elegant way of keeping track of what's ahead.  
In the past, when I relied on paper lists, I generated new lists throughout the day when the old one wasn't handy or easily found.  Can't say I always accounted for all of the scraps of paper, hard as I tried.  
I still jot things down on paper, wherever I happen to be when I think of things and then at the earliest moment transfer the info to my computer "to do" list.  
And of course, I experience the sweetness of the delete button as various items are accomplished.  
My early-day trip to the computer lasers my focus for the day and offers an opportunity to organize or reorganize as is needed.  
I must admit that though the system is perfect, I am not:  sometimes things still get overlooked.  
Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I can introduce a "to do tomorrow" list, a "to do this week" list, a "to do this month list"........  
What system works for you?   Are you a Blackberry devotee?  A paper list maker?  A lucky soul with an amazing memory?   A different system altogether?   I'd love to hear about it?

Have a mindful month!

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