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March 2007
Issue 23


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   It's an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


Surely not more Law of Attraction - HELP!?!  

In case you still aren't convinced!

Four of my favourites.

You can eat off the floor.

1:  Surely not more Law of Attraction - HELP!?!

It's been around for years - in the background.   Now it feels like it's everywhere!   But, in case you've missed it here it is once more.   Simplified, the Law of Attraction states that if you think positive thoughts about how you want your life to be, and really feel how you want to feel, and truly believe in it, the energy that is generated from those thoughts has the power to bring you closer to your ideal.   One important point of clarification - you must expect to help those dreams along by looking for and acting on opportunities, and not just sit and wait for magic to happen.

The impetus for this latest craze is the book and video called "The Secret".   (You can watch the video at www.thesecret.tv for ~$5).   Self improvement books have popped up regularly through the years.   They become extremely popular, making at least the author attract what he/she wants in life, and then after a time, quiet down.

Yet somehow the widespread popularity of The Secret (with Oprah's blessing) feels to me like a more radical and longer-lasting phenomenon.   And what gives me that feeling?  Though I'm not an expert here, I admit to doing some reading, listening and dabbling.   Thus far my bottom line is this:  it is logical and offers a win-win scenario.

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term.   One very simplified interpretation is that a sane person cannot hold two conflicting ideas or perceptions in his brain at the same time:   i.e.  If you think of yourself as being generous, you cannot think of yourself as stingy simultaneously.   The positive thoughts around your generosity will eventually pattern your behaviour.

Bear in mind there have been many variations - one popular one being "the power of positive thinking".   Having a positive attitude generally makes life more satisfying.   Think about the joy that you get from anticipating an event.   Whether the event happens or not, you've experienced the fun and excitement of the anticipation.   Too much worry and focus on all the things that can go wrong can stifle the joy of the event from the onset.

Warning:  The Law of Attraction is not about just sitting back and waiting for life to happen!

And just in case you can use some outside, impartial, non-judgmental help defining and reaching your exciting goals, I invite you to experience a complimentary coaching consultation.  lyndawise@yahoo.com or 416-225-3535

2:  In case you still aren't convinced!

In this section last month I reported how an assessment after the completion of exercise determined that music during exercise enhanced brainpower.   There were lots of questions generated, especially whether there was a lasting effect a day or a week after the exercise.  

Today's information actually takes a step backward and looks at the results of specific exercise on overall performance.   This particular study involved walking 5 times/week for 30 minutes at a time, at a heart-healthy pace.   The impact was enormous!   Here's what was found among the walkers:  
  • Significant reduction in the incidence of colon cancer and other cancers
  • In individuals at high risk for diabetes, the walkers were less likely to develop the disease:  those who already had diabetes improved their production of insulin
  • Reduction in blood pressure:  lower risk of heart attacks
  • Those who suffered from osteoporosis found less pain, greater energy and improved flexibility
  • Reduced risk of dementia:  improved memory, less likelihood of Alzheimer's disease
  • It also appears as if vigorous walking/exercise helps brain cells to regenerate - actually bringing back some brain function.
Look outside!   Spring is springing!   It's a fabulous time of year to begin a walking program.   Why not proposition a friend, spouse, parent, child, neighbour to be your walking partner.   It's so much harder to weasel out if someone else is counting on you.  Or grab the earphones and add to the brain brilliance while reaping all the other benefits.

The time is NOW!   I'll make you a proposition:  find a reputable study that concludes that exercise isn't beneficial and I promise to get off your back!

Until then, do yourself a favour and start walking!  (after reading the rest of the newsletter, of course)

3:  Four of my favourites

The next 12 Week Teleclass Weight Loss Program begins in May.   Please contact me for an application form or more information.   While waiting here are some ideas.

Busy?   Too busy to fuss over weight-loss food preparation?   Here are some healthy, time-saving, pretty easy suggestions for keeping your weight under control.
  1. You're looking at a really busy week without time to create lunches from home and you want to save on the $s and calories of restaurants or take-out.   On the weekend, make up 5 sandwiches that freeze well (turkey or tuna work great!) Use healthy, low-calorie bread, with limited lite mayo in the tuna and Dijon or your other favourite mustard on the turkey.   Wrap them individually in freezer wrap and freeze.   Wash grape tomatoes and combine them with mini carrots, package in individual servings, Stock the fridge with fresh fruit!   It will take less than a minute to make a healthy, yummy lunch:  the sandwich will defrost by lunchtime, while keeping the veggies and fruit cold.
  2. Muffins can be up to 500 calories.  If one calls loudly to you, flip off just the very top, since it's the best part (for most people), and give away or throw away the bottom.   Then enjoy every morsel of the muffin top for a fraction of the calories.
  3. Never, ever leave your "unhealthy choice" foods where you can see them!   If calories from grazing didn't count, all cows would be thin!
  4. Having a cup of your home-made or packaged clear soup 1/2 hour before a meal can significantly decrease your appetite.   You'll feel full sooner and eat less.   No access to soup?  How about an apple?   It works just as well.
4:  You Can Eat Off The Floor.

The English language does indeed have its idiosyncrasies.   Someone not knowing the language well, might, upon hearing the statement "You can eat off the floor", envision mounds of food that had dropped on the floor and had not been picked up. They might imagine themselves sitting on the floor with only a fork, diving in and filling up!

On the flip side - my mother would pay a compliment to someone whom she regarded as a wonderful housekeeper:  "You can eat off her floor", meaning that her floor was so ultra-clean there would be no germs on the floor and consequently, no chance for germs to attach to food that fell on her floor.

Here's my point:  is eating off the floor ever a good idea?   In my shady past, I've personally advocated for the 5 second rule (not possible for anything bad to happen to food on the floor if it is just there for 5 seconds - grab and eat it quickly) but have now rethought it!   In this age of Salmonella, E.  coli and lots of other minuscule enemies, it is simply impossible to determine if there is illness you are inviting by eating food that has been on the floor - yes, even for a mere 5 seconds.   Most germs are harmless - but they self-select:  we don't get a vote about which ones can live on our floor.

So my new and recommended destiny for floor food is "Throw it out if in doubt". Wouldn't it be fortunate if the "dropee" was basically unhealthy and something we shouldn't have been eating in the first place?

Stay safe!

Wishing you what you wish for yourself,

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