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May 2007
Issue 25


What's in it for you?    A connection?  Some challenges?  A few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life?    Feel free to share the answers with me - I would love to hear from you.    This is an invitation to focus on where you would like to change and grow and access support when you need it.    


Only YOU have the power to make you feel bad!  

What's bugging you?

A Wise Crack.

Two Perspectives

1:  Only YOU have the power to make you feel bad.

"All bad feelings are caused by focusing on what you do not want."

These are the words of Bill Harris, in the July 2005 issue of Healthy Wealthy nWise (no relation) Magazine.    Harris is a gay man, featured in the movie The Secret, who grew up enduring countless taunts from peers.

If you track your bad feelings you'll soon notice that the negative thoughts that precede them are almost always from an unconscious place.    When you concentrate on the source of your bad feelings, you'll likely come to this conclusion:  "My God, I've been focusing on what I'm afraid of most of the time."

Gaining that awareness is a magnificent gift since it becomes the key to conscious thought and control.  You can largely eliminate the bad thoughts and thus make the bad feelings non-existent.    It takes some work and I'm certain that you can become a more consciously aware thinker.    I'd love for you to experience how liberating this can be.

Care to discuss this with me?  Feel free to contact me for a chat or a complimentary coaching consultation:  416-225-3535 or lyndawise@yahoo.com

2:  What's bugging you?

A University of Arizona study found the typical worker's desk has hundreds of times more bacteria per square inch than an office toilet seat.  

As I've mentioned before, I am not an alarmist when it comes to germs.    However, in the last few years -- simply because I've read too much -- I've taken on some alarmist-appearing behaviours!    Yikes!  

What do you know about the "superbug" methicillin?  It causes nasty skin infections.  And I believe that the most important thing to know is that it is resistant to antibiotics.  So the strategy that works the best is "don't get it".  Let's face it - the world we live in is loaded with all kinds of germs (not all bad) and trying to protect yourself against all hazards can make you crazy.    So, without going overboard (which of course varies from you to me), here are a few suggestions to help keep you safe!
  1. Wash your hands a lot.  Here are a few of the situations where you might not ordinarily think of it:  after being in the gym;  after pushing around a buggy in the grocery store;  after touching stuff in a public place where lots of other people have touched the same stuff;  when leaving a hospital;  after handling the remote control in a hotel room (or how about cleaning it before you even touch it!).  
  2. Whether in a dentist's office, doctor's office or nail salon, be sure that the staff uses a sterilizer for all equipment after being used.  
  3. CLEAN can never be overrated!    An example of an environment that should be cleaned thoroughly and often:  gym equipment should be cleaned between users.  Caution is key so, for example, if the areas of a restaurant that are easily visible to patrons look dirty, imagine what the kitchen - which is generally hidden from view - must look like.  Maybe it's time to carry wipes or hand sanitizers to save you from some future battles.    Too bad it's so hard to fight what you cannot see!
3:  A Wise Crack.

Once and for all let's straighten out the reputation of the underrated, over-blamed egg.    A healthy adult (no history of heart disease) can safely eat one egg per day.    For most people, dietary cholesterol, the kind of cholesterol found in eggs has little effect on blood cholesterol levels.    Omega-3 eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids which help to protect your heart by lowering blood pressure, preventing hardening of the arteries and reducing the risk of blood clots and blocked blood vessels.    Omega-3 eggs are produced by feeding flax seed to the chickens that lay them.    One large egg of any variety contains 70 calories and provides a generous 6 grams of protein - makes a great snack, especially if you are trying to lose a few pounds.  

And now - the recipe for perfect hard boiled eggs!  
  1. Use large eggs which are not too fresh!    Yes, you read it right!    Really fresh eggs do not peel (easily).  
  2. Place the eggs in a pot and cover with water to a level about one inch higher than the eggs.    Do not cover the pot.  
  3. Bring to a boil over medium-high or high heat, keeping your eye on them so you can catch the beginning of the rolling boil.    Don't let the eggs really boil for a few minutes or they'll have that ugly, harmless, grey coating on the yoke.  
  4. Cover the pot, remove from the heat and let them sit for 12-15 minutes.  
  5. Drain well.  Run cold water over them for a minute or two.  Crack them gently and replace them in the cold water.  Throw some ice cubes into the pot and let them remain there until the eggs are thoroughly cold.    Peel and enjoy.
Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week in a sealed container.

If you are still thinking about weight loss and are discouraged and fed up with diet plans, please, PLEASE try a complimentary coaching consultation.   416-225-3535 or lyndawise@yahoo.com.

4:  Two Perspectives

Toronto weather has turned almost nice enough for a daily spell on my porch swing.    That swing gives me peace and joy, as I sip some coffee, scan the newspaper or simply bask in the greens of spring and garden and stillness.  During those precious moments, oh, how I wish I could stay there forever, really living in the moment!    

And that is my first perspective - and now for perspective #2.  

As delicious as this summer porch time feels I recognize that in a few months the chill of fall will transform my enjoyment of "swing time" to longing for the indoor activities that keep me juiced throughout the months ahead!  And that's because in the fall I get more opportunities to share, via workshops, my strong belief in the power of Coaching.  In giving workshops within corporations as well as social organizations.  I get to connect with a greater number of people.  And this means more individuals finding ways to make changes that will enable better health and better lives.  

Here are a few of my workshop offerings:
  1. Leading a Balanced Life
  2. Boost your Self Esteem and Confidence
  3. Kick Start your Weight Loss
  4. Rating and Raising your Self Care
  5. Managing Stress - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
  6. New Perspectives:  Greater Fulfillment in Life
Note:  I'm happy to create workshops to answer the needs of a particular organization.

These workshops have proven to be informative, life-changing and fun.  I've presented in schools, community centres, businesses, churches and synagogues, health clubs and private groups.    If you know of an organization that would like to explore the possibility of offering workshops, please feel free to pass my information along or let me know who to contact.

And still good news:  the Incentive Program described below is valid though to the end of June!

If you share my info with an individual or a group that becomes a client you will be paid with a gift certificate of your choice for purchases at Borders, Chapters, Macy's or The Bay.    If your referral becomes a private client, your gift certificate will be for $100;  for referrals who sign up for group coaching, your gift certificate will be for $50 - my pleasure.

Call or email me.  416-225-3535 or lyndawise@yahoo.com

Wishing you what you wish for yourself,

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