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November 2007
Issue 31


What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:  I'd love to hear from you.   This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  



Are you having fun yet?  AND...  It's never to early to plan for your New Year!  

What you should know about the mighty pomegranate.

Grateful for a dilemma.  

1:  Boredom.  

is the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest (Merriam Webster online dictionary).   Though severe boredom can be a symptom of depression, for most of us boredom is an occasional experience of total disinterest in the available world around us.   Boredom is very much an individually defined phenomenon.   While some would salivate seeing a great swing of a golf club on TV, others would rather watch paint dry!  Scrabble can be one person's passion while another's cure for insomnia.

Boredom is usually not caused by a lack of activities to engage in but rather a lack of interest and passion for the possibilities around.   Innately, humans need variety and opportunity for change and have a natural curiosity.  Thus, remaining in a static environment will eventually solicit boredom for many individuals.  This really doesn't fit with the fact that so many of us are challenged by change!  

So, the big question is "How do I get 'unbored'?".   For specific suggestions of activities that might turn on your interest, feel free to check out www.bored.com where you will find oodles of activities that might do it for you.

But when you take that overall look at your life and think "I'm bored", it's likely time for some new initiatives!   Here are some questions to ponder.   Writing out the answers is ideal:  thinking them through can also get you going!
  1. What activities make me feel good inside?
  2. What would I love to do that I just haven't gotten around to doing?
  3. What holds me back?
  4. What factors in my life can absolutely NOT be changed?
  5. Where am I seeing life too rigidly?  
  6. What can I say no to so I can say yes to something juicy?
If the answers are not what you'd like them to be, think about what you propose to do about them!

The list of questions could be endless.  * If you need some help with the answers feel free to schedule a no-obligation, complimentary coaching consultation.   Call or email.  416-225-3535 or lyndawise@yahoo.com.

2:  First part:  Are you having fun yet?  

Clifford Kuhn, M.D.  calls himself the Laugh Doctor.   He too, asks a lot of questions.   His questions are not directly about boredom but they're also very closely connected with the quality of your life.   And yes, it all ties together.   He makes a great argument for the following:  only if you are having fun can you achieve the happiness and success that most people long for.

Here are his questions:
  • How happy are you?
  • Are you as happy as you were five years ago?
  • Are you as successful as you hoped to be by this time in your life?
  • Are you as healthy as you could be?
  • And the most important one - how much fun are you having these days - at home, at work, in your life?
When you include fun in your life, you significantly improve the odds of enjoying good health - physically as well as mentally; being fit, feeling successful in both career and social life and ultimately increasing your chances for longevity.

Here is a connection that might be new to you:  having fun increases self esteem!   And furthermore, will equip you to manage stress better and to be more capable of handling the toughest circumstances.

Here's the sequence: Having fun -> happiness -> increased self esteem-> huge benefits for a great life!

Sounds easy.   Hopefully it will be for you.   For now, here's what I propose you do:
  • Make a list of 30 things that sound like fun...big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones, pricey ones, cheap ones...you get the picture.   Then consciously figure out how you will build some of them into your life between now and Dec.  31.   Start with today and carry forth!   Please, PLEASE let me know what this does for you!   Stuck or struggling?  See * above.
Next month...more about the fun factor!  

2:  Second part:  It's never too early to plan for your New Year!  

The 12 Week Weight Loss Telephone Group
begins again on Monday, January 7 at 5:00 p.m.  eastern!

If you're still battling and feel frustrated with the whole weight issue - you might wish to give yourself this gift.   You deserve it!

Please go to http://www.wisecoaching.ca/WL_teleGroup.htm for more information or call 416-225-3535 or email lyndawise@yahoo.com.   This is a fabulous opportunity - you'll love it!

From a former participant:  Martha - Business Analyst, 58 years old.  
"I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  I thought I was an expert in weight loss.   It is thrilling to me that Lynda was able to zero in on my missing self care pieces and drive them home so that I could literally change my life."

3:  What you should know about the mighty pomegranate!
  1. Pomegranates are phenomenally healthy.   They are loaded with antioxidants which help prevent cancer, are anti-aging (since they plump up skin cells), and reduce some risk factors for heart disease.  WOW!  
  2. Here's how you can prepare and eat one with very little risk of having to throw out the clothes you're wearing:  cut off the crown, cut through just the skin layer, immerse the fruit in a bowl of cold water and break it all apart.   The arils (seeds and surrounding pulp) will sink while the white pithy skin will float.   Throw out the pith and drain the arils.   Enjoy!
  3. They have a modest 70 calories per half cup of seeds. Try them in salads and as a topping for ice cream!

4:  Grateful for a dilemma!  

Alas, it's too cold for my swing.   It's time to think about injecting a week or two of warmth into a long winter.   I find myself blessed with a somewhat difficult, nevertheless delicious dilemma!   Here's the choice:  a tasting trip of Israel or a cruise of Hawaii.   I'm detecting that you aren't shedding tears for my difficulty!

Nor am I.   However, this gets me thinking.   How frequently are we in a position when a decision has no really wrong answer?  Many of us struggle as we make decisions.   So often the consequences are dire if we go in the wrong direction.   We might have to live with the impact for years to come:  others might be severely affected.  

But, not all decisions are created equal.   Some can be approached from a place of lightness and pleasure.

So here's my invitation.   When a decision is plaguing you, perhaps there's an opportunity to step back from the pressure, breathe deeply and then take stock of how fortunate you are to be in a place of choice.

Wishing you what you wish for yourself.

It will be my pleasure to treat you to a gift certificate for each referral who becomes a client!

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