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Lynda Wise B.Sc., C.P.C.C.  
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November 2009
Issue 54

What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you currently live your life versus how you want to live your life.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me;  I'd love to hear from you.  This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


1.  PERSONAL LIFE COACHING:   Fun and Change


3.  THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING:   What's huge?

1:  Fun and Change  

If you wish to improve your enjoyment-of-life score, increase the fun!
Last month I wrote about increasing the laughter in your life (http://wisecoaching.ca/newsletters/ezine_Oct_2009.htm in case you'd like to see it):  this month is about increasing the Fun.   What's fun for you?   Fun has multiple faces, depending on the person and perspective.   For example, a rollercoaster ride can be someone's passion while being someone else's pain (nightmare, poison, dread)!   If you have 2 minutes, please take a look at this short video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lXh2nOaPyw.
The theory behind the video proposes that one of the best ways to promote change is via experiencing fun.
And note - that some people still chose the escalator......  and that's totally okay.
So here's the invitation; make a list of 25 ways to spend your time that are fun for you.   And then consider that amidst the holiday preparations (and that could be one of your items!), how could you incorporate three things from your list in your daily routine?
Hope you have fun with this - only you can make it so!

If incorporating fun feels challenging, how about some help?   Try a comp call!   I can help you!  lyndawise@yahoo.com

2:  Fun and Exercise

If exercise is a drag for you, there's an excellent chance you won't continue it for as long as you need to in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   So with the video from the previous section in mind, how can you incorporate more fun in your exercise routine?  

Here are some ideas.   Important to remember........"fun” is about how you create it.
  1. Buddy up!   Great to share even awkward or difficult experiences!  (And you might even find someone who's more challenged by exercise than you!)
  2. Sports and games:  An hour of tennis, an evening of bowling, a round of golf (no carts please) all burn off more calories than pressing the buttons on the remote.
  3. Variety:  Going to the gym and repeating a workout 5-7 days/week works for some but not everyone!   Maybe what you need is to select a blend - maybe a brisk walk twice per week, a strength training class, a salsa or NIA dance program, an hour of spinning, some yoga or Pilates.   Why not try them all and measure the pleasure?
  4. Try something new:  Use the New Year as an excuse to sign up for an activity that you've been curious about but not quite gutsy enough to try.  
  5. Take yourself less seriously!  You can only embarrass yourself with your permission.   So what if you move your left foot instead of your right?   The less you beat yourself up and the more you pat yourself on the back, the more fun your exercise can become!

3:  What's Huge?

Last month my move felt huge.   It's happening Wednesday and no longer feels as huge!  
What is HUGE now is my brand new twin granddaughters!   Hooray for a new role in life.   Einstein kind of said "Everything is relative".   Brilliant of course - both inside and outside the world of science.   Huge shadows are altered when the light changes.
So where in your life can you change the light to facilitate a change in the shadows that are weighing you down and thus holding you back?   What's huge for you and calling to be downsized?

May the holiday season bring you much joy and fun.
Wishing you what you wish for yourself.  

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