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October 2005
Issue 6


What's in it for you? A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life. Feel free to share the answers with me: I'd love to hear from you. It's an opportunity to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.


  1. Personal Life Coaching: THE FACTS OF LIFE COACHING : Fear
  2. Wellness: IF YOU DON'T LOOK AFTER YOURSELF WHO WILL? : What's up doc?
  3. Weight Loss: FOOD FOR THOUGHT AND THOUGHTS ON FOOD : Trick or treat?
  4. THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING: Does seasoning enhance the *flavour?


What is your greatest fear? For many it is public speaking or death or failure or being alone or being rejected. At times it stems from what we just don't know. Often it's about what others think of us: non-masculine, unfeminine, appearing stupid, silly, selfish, lazy, or _______________ (fill in your own adjective). Fear is fickle and can behave equally often as a motivator or as a powerful block. Think back: did you ever do your homework because of fear of the teacher and the consequences in the event that you didn't do it? More recently, have you passed up an opportunity because you feared the possibility of an uncertain outcome? How many decisions in your life are influenced by fear? Who might you not have approached because of fear of rejection? Have you ever procrastinated because of the fear of doing it wrong? Fear can protect us or propel us.

What is important for you is to become aware of the role that fear plays in the way you live your life. Fear, the bully, possesses the power until confronted.


Americans sometimes applaud the Canadian medical system. Canadians often complain about that same system because it's too slow and unavailable at times. Making an appointment with my doctor can mean wearing down my index finger considerably, as I fight to break through the line. When I finally do get through, I wonder if doctorsofficecanyouholdplease is all one word. A complete physical must be booked months in advance. An imminent issue might have to wait for several days unless I really, REALLY complain about my ailment, which I hate to do. Thankfully, I'm infrequently in a position where I need to see my doctor. But the positive part is that I know that when I do, she'll really listen to me and give me whatever time and direction I need. This important relationship has taken years to develop. It is a comfort that I generally take for granted.

Nurture yourself. Appreciate your wellness and meanwhile consider your contingency plan.


The concept of having a small, controlled, individually packaged treat conjures up visions of safe snacks. But, as the old potato chip ad said "bet you can't eat just one". Beware! The calorie counts of those adorable little packages can rapidly add up to the equivalent of the giant sized chocolate bar that would ordinarily be your forbidden fruit. Your greatest defense is being conscious of their evils. You might consider buying them right on Hallowe'en. You could choose to leave them in the trunk of your car until the day of. You can take all of the remaining candy to work the next day. This is a great time to exercise your freedom of choice. Consciously create boundaries for yourself and really stick to them i.e. one per day for five days - that's it, that's all. Some years, I only buy treats that I don't like for the neighbourhood children, in case there are leftovers. Some years, I only buy treats that I do like for the neighbourhood children, in case there are leftovers. But with the holiday season approaching, packing on pounds in October seems like a truly self-defeating action. One of the few things I truly dislike is coconut. Will someone please let me know when the coconut Halloween chocolate bars go on sale?

12 Week Weight Loss Teleclass
The pilot 12 Week Weight Loss Group is now complete. The participants are unanimously determined to continue with their healthier lifestyle, having increased control over their food intake and exercise regimes and having lots more ammunition to prevent them from falling off the weight loss wagon and get back on when they do. In the words of Christel "It helped me get back on track and with the support stay on track for 12 weeks. I am now more committed than ever."
The next opportunity to join in a group will be Monday, January 16. There are spaces for only 5 participants - reserve your spot early by emailing me. Or, if you know of anyone wanting to start off the new year and the rest of her life with good habits for improved health and weight loss, who would actually enjoy the support and learning, please feel free to pass on this information.

Now, maybe to avoid the need for the 12 Week Weight Loss Teleclass you might wish to tune in for a pre-holiday 'no weighing, no paying' teleclass on 'Anti-temptations Sensations'. You'll hear 11 or so sensational and not-so-sensational ways to ward off the holiday temptation devil. The holiday offerings could be an excuse for over indulging, but the price to pay is too high!

The Anti-Temptations Sensations Teleclass will be offered on Mon., Nov. 7 at 2:00 p.m. eastern and Tues., Nov. 15 at 8:00 p.m. eastern. Please register at lyndawise@yahoo.com with 'Anti' in the subject line and your preference for the day of your teleclass in the message. The call will be about an hour. I will email you the bridge line phone number a few days prior to the call. Your only fee will be for your long distance charge. Maximum of 25 on a call.


I loved the spontaneity that produced the array of 'thoughts from my swing' from May to September. Alas, when I sought out my swing to do some easy thinking in October, my thoughts turned to 'I'm cool', which no-one wishes to read about. But, the extension of my thoughts led to my wistful dreaming about the ease of going outside without a coat. Oh, like many Canadians, I'll tell you I love the seasons. But bidding farewell to this past wonderful, warm (too much?) summer has not been easy. Now, as any good coach will tell you, it's all about perspective. So I'm working on myself to eagerly anticipate the view of the soon-to-be gently falling multicoloured leaves, as I relax on my swing in my coat. And soon after I'll be appreciating the fresh blanket of snow as I bundle up in my own warming blanket. Meanwhile, I'm cool.

* For my valued readers from the U.S. - please imagine that flavour says flavor and that neighbourhood says neighborhood.

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