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September 2006
Issue 17


What's in it for you?   A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:   I'd love to hear from you.   It's an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.   And if you stumble on an area that needs some coaching, feel free to arrange a complimentary call to discuss how you wish to create a more fulfilling existence, a new perspective on life or simply more fun.


Something's Missing.  

Revving up Metabolism.


Gratitude - speaking from my own stuff.

1:  Something's Missing

Is this scenario familiar?   Work is fine.   Family is pretty good.   Financially, life is okay.   Yet, something is missing.  

I wonder if it might be that special joy that one can only experience from a spiritual perspective.   This is not necessarily about organized religion, though for some folks it certainly could be felt by attending religious services.   This is more about noticing the apparently small pieces of life that can bring your spirits way up high.   These little pieces are unique to each individual but here are a few suggestions about where to look.   Those spiritual highs could come from listening to a special piece of music or simply from a glance at or a whiff of the roses you've grown in your garden.   For some people, it comes from taking a deep breath outdoors and finding enormous pleasure at the miracle of nature.   Speaking of miracles, the first glimpse of a new-born baby is filled with awe and indescribable pleasure.   Or, it could come from touching the cheek of someone you love.   Many individuals experience uplifting joy and satisfaction from volunteer work.   And the list goes on...  

If you're thinking that there might be a missing link for you, I'd suggest that you spend some time noticing.   Notice when your breath catches, or you're feeling exceptionally happy.   Notice what makes you aware of the special chill of a moment.   And once you've noticed how spirituality can creep into your life, built in more of it!   When the spiritual component of life is rich it's so much easier to appreciate all the other bits and pieces.  I'd be so happy to read what you discover about the sources of your personal spirituality; please email and I'd love to share them with other readers next month - anonymously if you wish!

2:  Revving up Metabolism

What's all the buzz about with Hollywood Stars on the Pilates Band Wagon?

PILATES helps one build long lean muscles over an extended period of time.   Having greater muscle mass allows one to increase the rate for burning calories. i.e.  increase metabolism.

But, even more significant is how a Pilates practice can strengthen and create a more flexible spine.   With so many people suffering frequent back issues, Pilates is indeed a gift for anyone who has experienced that dreaded twinge!   Strengthening abdominal muscles helps support our core.   Also, Pilates improves balance.   It can help recovery at the source of back pain, heighten neuromuscular coordination, enhance stamina, complement sports training and overall make you look and feel better.

Does it sound to you like the perfect exercise?   It's only perfect if you combine it with aerobic exercise AND if you like it and do it!

Personally?   I think it requires more patience than I, myself, have for exercise. I really wanted to love it but it simply wasn't for me when I tried it for a year.   I found it (excruciatingly) slow!   I'll definitely try it again, sometime, since it really is so beneficial to overall fitness.

Next month:   what about Yoga?

3:  Apples

I got to do one of my favourite things yesterday:  I went apple picking.   5 1/2 20 lb.  bags later and two big apples in my belly, I was satiated.   Macoun apples are not available in stores, have the best crunch of any food I know and are a magnificent combination of tart and sweet.   There is only one apple farm I know that grows them in the Toronto area and if you're salivating and want more info - feel free to call me.  

And the bonus?  Apples are oh, so healthy.   Here are a few of the gifts we get from eating apples:  
  1. In terms of whole body benefits, they lower cholesterol and improve bowel function.  They also reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, type II diabetes and asthma.  
  2. Significant studies indicate that apples reduce the incidence of lung, prostate and colorectal cancer.  
  3. Apples can also help you with weight loss.   They're loaded with fiber which aids digestion and keeps everything working smoothly.   A small apple eaten 1/2 hour before a meal can curb your appetite and prevent making choices from a starvation place.  
  4. A very recent study showed that consuming apple juice helped aging animals' memory.   Hope there's a human connection!

To reap most of these benefits, have an apple every day.   What apples are your favourites?

4:  Gratitude - speaking from my own stuff.

Some days, just being on my swing instills in me an exceptional feeling of gratitude - and that's a huge boost to my spirituality.

Here are just a few of the things that instantly come to my mind to be grateful for.   First and foremost - my family.   That includes my children, sister and brother-in-law, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and my wonderful 92 year old father-in-law, adding up to 38 fabulous assets and they all live less than 15 miles from me in Toronto.   The enormity of this good fortune makes almost everything else seem small - but, a grandly significant second on my list is our good health.   Now that is huge.  And, runner up is living in Canada, a country where we're able to take freedom for granted.  

It is so very easy to generate a long list of things I'm grateful for but the summary is so straight forward and even elegant!   I'm able to make many choices that permit me to live my life according to the way I design it.   And the beauty of it all is that I get to constantly redesign it.

I'd be thrilled to do a complimentary consultation if you want help designing how you wish to create the life YOU want.   lyndawise@yahoo.com or 416-225-3535 to set up an appointment.

May autumn bring you warmth and richness in your colourful surroundings and in your life!  


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