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September 2008
Issue 41

What's in it for you?  A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life.   Feel free to share the answers with me:  I'd love to hear from you.   This is an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.  


How's your Outlook?

Cold Prevention

More Green in your Diet?
*Why is this New Group Opportunity for YOU?

More on your Outlook


Some people are excited to share the good e.g.  I'm reading a great book!  Or -I loved the flowers that I saw at the market.  Or-my daughter is the star of a number in her dance recital.

Some people are excited to share all of the obstacles they endure e.g.  I was trying to get so much done and then in the middle of everything I needed to replace my light bulb.  Or, I have the worst hangnail ever so I can't focus on anything!  Or- again my Johnny left his size 13 shoes blocking the door (what about poor Johnny who has to deal with size 13 feet 24-7?).  

Most of us fall somewhere in the middle but where do you generally lean?  If you're seeing yourself as more of the second type, we need to talk.   Chances are you're not getting the pleasure out of life that's possible.   You may not wish to change your life but perhaps consider changing your perspective.   And I'd love to help.   Remember the 30 minute complimentary coaching call?  No obligation!  Even 30 minutes can help get you thinking in a different way.  To make arrangements please call 416-225-3535 or email lyndawise@yahoo.com


A yogurt a day keeps the colds away – well, kinda'.

A study published in USA Today found that subjects who consumed a 6 oz.  cup serving of yogurt per day suffered 25 percent fewer colds than their non-yogurt-eating counterparts.  That's a help.   Here's what you should know to take advantage of this.

  • It takes about 3 months of daily yogurts to build up the resistance - start now if you want that extra bit of ‘cold' insurance.  
  • Only yogurt with live active cultures works.  There is a voluntary Live & Active Cultures seal that companies can put on the container.   You may wish to check with the company if you don't see it there.  
  • Bonus- Sugarless yoghurt could help beat bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease, say scientists from BBC news
Other probable benefits of yogurt include...
  • aids digestion - addressing several internal issues
  • contains a good dose of protein (9 grams in a 6 oz.  serving) which is a must at breakfast
  • fights off vaginal infections
  • helps prevent osteoporosis
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • makes you feel full, more so than other snacks
I'm always just a bit wary.   You've undoubtedly heard "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!" So a yogurt each day sounds like just enough to offer the benefits and not so much that its mysteries can hurt!  (Here's my mother's voice again:  "everything in moderation!")

3:  WEIGHT CONTROL WISDOM - More Green in your Diet?

It is ancient wisdom and modern confirmation.   Green tea is almost a wonder food.   Here's what we know to be its magic because of its rich supply of antioxidants!
  • Promotes heart health
  • Helps to regulate digestion
  • Protects liver function, though excess amounts (10 or more cups/day) can actually cause liver and kidney damage
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Contains theanine - a natural de-stresser
  • Can decrease your appetite
AND the best news of all......  drum roll please......  It increases our bodies' metabolic rate!   Plain language- drinking 5 cups of green tea in a day can help you slim down.   Note:  be careful of the caffeine!  Tea bags have more caffeine than loose leaves.   To get rid of most of the caffeine in tea bags, pour boiling water over the bag, let it sit for 30 seconds then dump the water, pour fresh boiling water over bag and let it steep for 4 minutes and enjoy.

Part 2:  BE A SMALLER BRA SIZE FOR CHRISTMAS 5 GREAT REASONS why this group opportunity is right for you
  1. If you are committed you WILL lose the weight
  2. You'll feel totally supported in the process
  3. You'll create a lifestyle according to your personal values and likes and dislikes that will allow you to MAINTAIN your new weight and body!
  4. You'll be able to enjoy the foods you love
  5. Success breeds success.   You will look amazing and feel amazing!

12 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS TELECLASS - beginning Monday Oct.  20, 5:00 to 6:00.   Participants in the group will share and learn about misusing food, healthy ways to deal with stress, how to say no at strategic times, a long-term solution to their weight problems and so much more.   If you or someone you know would like this experience please email lyndawise@yahoo.com to set up a free 30 minute pre-session to learn more.  

Or visit http://wisecoaching.ca/WL_teleGroup.htm

4:  THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING:  More on your Outlook...  

My wonderful 94 3/5 year old father-in-law lives in a retirement home where residents can go to exercise classes, movies and lectures about a huge variety of subjects.   They tackle word games, participate in news seminars, attend concerts and lots more.   Last night I had the pleasure of accompanying him to a concert where enormously talented professional musicians played the Brahms' Piano quintet in F minor.   I wish you all could have seen the expression on the faces of each of the 50 or so residents in that audience.   The peace, the enjoyment and the excitement filled the room.   Their aches and worries and issues seemed to dissolve as they inhaled the fabulous music.  

Neither aging nor its alternative, have ever had too much appeal to me.   None-of-the-above is not an option.  But attending that evening allowed me a glimpse of the up side!   And it all comes back to living in the moment.   In my busyness, I need frequent reminders to walk this talk.  And I don't want to wait for the years ahead to reap the pleasures of each moment.  

What are you missing?  Where can you milk the joy of precious moments?

Wishing you what you wish for yourself.  

It will be my pleasure to treat you to a gift certificate for each referral who becomes a client!

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