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September 2005
Issue 5


What's in it for you? A connection, some challenges, a few questions to encourage you to simply reflect about how you live your life versus how you want to live your life. Feel free to share the answers with me: I'd love to hear from you. It's an invitation to focus on where you'd like to change and grow.


  1. Personal Life Coaching: THE FACTS OF LIFE COACHING : *Surprize!
  2. Wellness: IF YOU DON'T LOOK AFTER YOURSELF WHO WILL? : Have a heart!
  3. Weight Loss: FOOD FOR THOUGHT AND THOUGHTS ON FOOD : When is enough, enough?
  4. THOUGHTS FROM MY SWING: Email prevails!


*Surprize parties can be very wonderful! The guest of *honour joyfully (we hope) enters into a roomful of the smiling excited faces of all the special people in his/her life. But for me, some of the joy of a party comes from the anticipation of the event along with its planning. Apply that concept to your life. Is it only the destination that gives you the high or is there an appreciation of the journey as well? Much pleasure can come from major events but the approach of an event can add much spice and offer additional excitement. Hopefully, it's not just the 'big' stuff that has meaning. The ordinary can enhance each day. Many individuals delight in their career. Others enjoy preparing a simple dinner. Still others relish quiet time spent with a friend or family member. I'm hoping that the journey of your life offers you much contentment and fulfillment. If you need some help in this area, please feel free to give me a call to set up some time together.


So often I see individuals doing their aerobic exercise, such as walking, with headsets. I was doing exactly that and I noticed something that might be significant for you: the livelier music got me walking much more enthusiastically and quickly than the music with a slower rhythm. So, what is the impact of that? Walking a fixed distance uses a fixed amount of energy. So, a mile is a mile, whether you jog it or saunter through it, if you are only considering the number of calories you burn. So why sweat it? The workout for your heart comes when you 'sweat it'. Moving more strenuously will increase your heart rate more substantially and will result in strengthening the heart muscle. When that is happening, the much lauded additional benefits of exercise abound! So if you're a headset exerciser, save the mellow music for bedtime and choose the upbeat tones for your exercise.

I'm curious to know if slow music might slow down my too-quick eating! Anyone out there have that kind of experience?


Who hasn't found themselves so starving that when finally faced with food, they overeat to the point of being overstuffed? Remember that it takes roughly 20 minutes for your stomach to recognize the food you've eaten. The mental repercussions of overeating are often self-blame, guilt and/or regret which usually, eventually, disappear - until the next time. The physical repercussions are twofold: first, the temporary, moderate to acute discomfort and second, that possibly permanent deposit in one's fat cells. Clearly, overeating is not in your best interest. So, with temptation surrounding you, how do you avoid it? Imagine a hunger scale of 0 to 10: '0' represents a totally empty stomach while '10' describes that overfilled, can't force another bite one. When faced with food, your greatest sensibility is present when the state of your hunger is above 3. Your greatest comfort level is between 3 and 7. So, here's a suggestion many of you will welcome- eat often, just not too much! Healthy snacks throughout the day will give you greater restraint at mealtime. When going to a party, a buffet or a dinner party, enjoy a healthy buffer 20 to 30 minutes before opportunity knocks, e.g., an apple takes up stomach space and limits how much you can eat until it moves on. In a recent survey of foods that sustain, fruit generally ranked very high. And frequently take note of where you are on the 0 to 10 scale.

I really believe you can learn to recognize and respond appropriately when enough is enough.

The next 12 Week Weight Loss Teleclass begins on Oct. 17, at 8:00 p.m. EDT, 2005. Here's an opportunity for you or someone you know to address weight loss in an all encompassing manner. This is about so much more than food and exercise- self esteem, body image, handling stress, self sabotage and loving yourself just the way you are. If you or a woman you know are between 20 and 65, wish to lose 20 to 65 lbs. and have 20 to 65 % of the self esteem one needs to be successful in losing your extra weight, take the plunge. Receive tremendous support as each member of the group enjoys sharing while taking comfort in the anonymity of the telephone. I invite contact from anyone who wishes to have more information.


A much loved, computer phobic friend offered a diatribe on the evils of email. Her rhetorical questions included "what's wrong with people?" "Can't they pick up the phone and connect personally?", "How long does it take to make a phone call?", "How rude can people be?". I admit that I offered a meek defense about the convenience, the time saved and the non-intrusive aspect of email that a telephone often lacks but I knew that my points were not making an impression. So, I somewhat reluctantly let it go. And, I thought about it sporadically, thereafter. I did recognize that at times her questions led to valid concerns. There is some information that I would prefer to receive in person or by telephone.

And then I received an email that was oh, so lovely. After playing a tennis game (that had been arranged largely by email) I was checking my email and found that one of the women had acknowledged what a lovely time she had and thanked us all. It probably took her about 30 seconds to do and put a huge smile on my face.

It somehow made me wonder: when telephones first came into personal use, were there people asking questions like "what's wrong with people?" "Can't they come over and connect personally?", "How long would it have taken for them to walk down the street?" "How rude can people be?" Your comments?

*For my valued readers from the U.S. - please imagine that 'surprize' says 'surprise' and that 'honour' says 'honor'.

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